Designed and manufactured in New Zealand

Better in the rough and
ready for adventure

“It’s quite clear Peter builds these wheelchairs from the heart, and my wife’s sense of freedom driving herself around is priceless, giving her much deserved joy. I would highly recommend this!!”

Pat and Tracey

“We love the ViMo chair and the way it has opened up many more opportunities for our young person to participate in regular activities.

After living in our current city for nearly six years she was able to finally go to the gardens – the paths are loose metal. She has had the opportunity to participate in community fun walks and the Kamo Round the Mountain which has grass. None of this would be able to happen with her regular chair. The chair is easy to pack down, fits easily into our wee car, is easy to push and is lightweight.

The only improvement would be a place for the umbrella – although we seriously don’t need one!”

Sharon and Kristal

“Kiwi ingenuity is still alive!

The design of this wheelchair demonstrates that it was made with an intimate understanding of the problems that have made it such a success.

Our electric version has made being able to enjoy the outdoors so much more realistic, and independence to Brent is a huge benefit. It has had a positive impact on me as carer (or pusher of wheelchair), as it’s almost impossible to push a conventional wheelchair on anything other than smooth hard surfaces.

The ability to tailor ViMo to our individual needs, whether manual, electric, wheel sizes, etc make it stand out from anything else on the market.

The fact it folds down has been a great benefit when travelling overseas, and it’s a joy to get comments like “Wow what cool wheels”.

We have trialled a few different options with Peter, and have come up with a few modifications to suit our needs. Dealing direct with the designer/manufacturer has been a motivating experience for us both, and the good old kiwi adage of “Can Do“ is refreshing.

We have absolutely no regrets in purchasing this amazing piece of kit.”

Helen and Brent Dale

“I am the mother of Aaron, a physically and mentally disabled son.

Aaron lives on a farm where there are many uneven paddocks, hills, tree roots and all manner of farm obstacles to cover. Both Aaron and I were able to spend many hours out in the paddocks to give Aaron the freedom he so lived for. The ability to push my son with ease in the ViMo chair gave me the chance to enjoy the freedom he so loved.

The ability to fold the chair and fit it in the car was something I really enjoyed. Being super-light, it made my life easier so that Aaron and I could go to the local park, walk in town and enjoy life.

The manufacturer of this chair has made me realise that it is possible to take your loved one anywhere. The ease of the chair makes life so easy and realise a disability is not a problem when you can roll over anything.

Aaron has now passed away, but the joy on Aaron’s face while picking up pinecones over the tree roots and talking to our horse and pet lamb still brings tears to my eyes. The ViMo chair made me thankful for being able to do this.”

Sonja Crawford

“Our aim is to enrich the lives of the disabled community here in Te Tairāwhiti by coordinating quality physical activities and recreation.

We have had our ViMo chairs for about 5-6months now, and they have been very pleasant and welcomed in the few programmes we have ran already.

I have recently had the opportunity to use them with our youth in schools. One example of this is my work with three students with disabilities at Ilminster Intermediate, as an alternative recreational activity to access the native plants at the school as well as to test the terrain and track of the schools bicycle track. This has proved both fun and the ViMo chairs are perfect for a morning or afternoon stroll through the school gardens.

On October 2nd we teamed up with DoC to facilitate a heritage trail walk at Grays Bush to provide education around our native forest and birds, as well as using our ViMo’s to try the all accessible track and provide feedback to DoC.”

Shane Luke

Regional Development Coordinator for Parafed Gisborne Tairāwhiti

“I bought the ViMo as a substitute chair for my young grandson – he has a standard wheelchair for school use.

It has been fantastic for many unusual uses such as school camps, or family outings on local tracks and beaches. He uses it to go to Riding for Disabled each week as it’s so good on uneven ground.

One interesting event has been this year where the ViMo was pushed round the school cross-country track with Tom in it by his teacher who is an ex Highlander rugby player. Such a thrill for a small boy to compete this way!!”


“ViMo is our first choice for a wheelchair that allows our whole family to experience outdoor activities together. Everyday adventures which were not previously possible – such as easy bushwalks and supporting our daughter’s soccer team from the sideline – are now regular events that bring joy to all four of us.

Another significant feature of the ViMo is that the chair is collapsible and compact when folded so can fit in almost any car for transit purposes.”

Jen McDonald

“Mum loved going into the bush and delighted in being part of the family for picnics by rivers. However we were constrained by her limited strength and mobility as she got older. Her ordinary wheelchair would get stuck in muddy and rocky terrain. But Peter’s wheelchair totally liberated us for cross country walks, easily maneuvering rocky riverbeds and stable enough not to topple over on angular bush tracks.

Thank you for the joy this brought Mum and the whole family.”

Barbara Scarfe and the McLean family

“The ViMo has made life-changing opportunities for Dave.

He is an outdoors man and a conventional chair would not get to these places. Dave said it’s comfortable and loves the fact there are no obstacles in his way when in it.

Follow up from Peter is amazing. We have had this chair now for over three years and he continues to touch base to make sure we are happy with the chair. Peter also made a lifting frame for Dave to make it easier still to get on and off some boats.”

Kim and Dave Morrison