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three chairs in one

Carer focused

The ViMo has been designed with both users in mind… the occupant and the person pushing.

Pushing handles are placed in a natural position, with pusher operated drum brakes (operated by a brake lever on the handle) on both front wheels relieving the pusher of having to hold back the ViMo on sloping surfaces.

Collapsing the ViMo is quick and easy and when folded the ViMo is compact, light and easy to carry with the inbuilt carrying handle.

Upholstery is tough, durable and machine washable and there are optional on-board storage pockets for two drink bottles and a cellphone.

No tools are needed to change from one configuration to the next.

Rough Terrain

Designed from the outset to enable travel over ground previously thought too difficult, the ViMo handles river beds, mud, gravel and grassy paddocks with relative ease.

Pushing handles are designed so maximum effort can be applied comfortably for those steeper uphill areas and, combined with the attendant operated wheel brakes, ensure control on the downhill slopes.

The 16″ front and 12″ rear pneumatic tyres, combined with the patented flexible chassis and generous seat cushion, ensure a comfortable and stable ride.

Optional seat belts, head rests and anti-tipping bars can be added for peace of mind when travelling over rougher than normal terrain.


The standard ViMo can be converted to a powered all terrain vehicle within minutes, giving you the capability and independence to go where you want, when you want.

The optional powered conversion kit consists of two quick release hub motors and wheel assemblies, a battery, controller and joystick. No tools are required.

Dual front tyres mean the front track is wide for better stability on slopes, and if one tyre is punctured you can still continue your travels.

Optional front and rear anti-tipping bars, seatbelt and headrest can give an added degree of safety and comfort.

The hub motors can be quickly switched to free wheeling mode that enables the ViMo to be pushed if the battery runs flat.

About ViMo

In 2008, my late wife Ginny had a stroke that left her unsteady on her feet and unable to walk more than a 100 metres at a time. I realised for both her and my physical and mental wellbeing, we needed to get outdoors into the parks, trails and rivers we once enjoyed.

Conventional wheelchairs proved either too cumbersome and heavy, or not capable of travelling over anything other than small bumps and obstacles.

To fold them often required the removal of footrests and backrests, but still left a bulky and unwieldy chassis requiring a larger car than we owned to transport it.

With nothing commercially available that met our needs, I decided to build one myself. Thus was born the ViMo… Vitality in Motion.

From this first hand-built wheelchair, the ViMo has developed into a multi-configuration vehicle that is easy to use – encouraging the caregiver and those being assisted to get out and about and more engaged with life.


Peter Thompson NZCE (Mechanical), BE (Mechanical)

Designer and Engineer of the ViMo wheelchair

Key features at a glance

  • The ViMo all-terrain wheelchair features patented technology and intuitive controls making it comfortable and easy to use
  • It can be pushed in the standard configuration, or self-propelled in the powered configuration with the addition of electric hub motors
  • Lightweight and quick to erect and collapse (less than 10 seconds)
  • Convenient carry handle making it easier to transport and handle when folded
  • Only the seat cushion needs to be removed to collapse the wheelchair into a compact folded configuration
  • Quick release wheel axles means the wheels can be removed without tools
  • Pushing handles that are in the natural position
  • Attendant operated drum brakes on the front wheels
  • Available in 16” (40cm) or 18” (46cm) seat width
  • Short or long wheelbase option
  • Fully customisable with optional accessories including lap and diagonal belts, front and rear anti-tipping bars, dual front wheels for soft sand or mud, small front wheels for indoor maneuverability, and electric hub motors to convert the ViMo into a powered wheelchair.

Standard Short Wheelbase

Standard Long Wheelbase


Small Front Wheel Kit Fitted

Powered Kit Fitted


ViMo travels Abel Tasman Coastal Track

“It has absolutely revolutionised my life. My mental health is very good because of this wheelchair. It is allowing me to get to places like the bush and the sea and that is helping my attitude to life.

I have been able to explore places around the West Coast that I’ve always wanted to go to. It is so comfortable. My husband Neil loves pushing the chair and we’ve completed the West Coast Wilderness Trail from Greymouth to Ross.”

Merle Bradley

After trialling a prototype ViMo, Merle and Neil Bradley purchased one of the first production models.

They had many adventures with the ViMo ranging from enjoying the bush on the West Coast Wilderness Trail to soaking up the colour and beauty of the high mountains, lakes and rivers and open spaces on the Alps to Ocean Cycle Trail.

Merle and Neil provided valuable experiences and feedback from a user perspective that helped make the ViMo what it is today.

“ViMo is our first choice for a wheelchair that allows our whole family to experience outdoor activities together. Everyday adventures which were not previously possible – such as easy bushwalks and supporting our daughter’s soccer team from the sideline – are now regular events that bring joy to all four of us.

Another significant feature of the ViMo is that the chair is collapsible and compact when folded so can fit in almost any car for transit purposes.”

Jen McDonald

“Mum loved going into the bush and delighted in being part of the family for picnics by rivers. However we were constrained by her limited strength and mobility as she got older. Her ordinary wheelchair would get stuck in muddy and rocky terrain. But Peter’s wheelchair totally liberated us for cross country walks, easily maneuvering rocky riverbeds and stable enough not to topple over on angular bush tracks.

Thank you for the joy this brought Mum and the whole family.”

Barbara Scarfe and the McLean family

“The ViMo has made life changing opportunities for Dave. He is an outdoors man and a conventional chair would not get to these places. Dave said it’s comfortable and loves the fact there are no obstacles in his way when in it.

Follow-up from Peter is amazing. We have had this chair now for over three years and he continues to touch base to make sure we are happy with the chair. Peter also made a lifting frame for Dave to make it easier still to get on and off some boats.”

Kim and Dave Morrison

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